Temperature monitoring made easy!

VLITEX Sensor Heat

VLITEX Sensor Heat

Detecting fires at an early stage – this is where the VLITEX Sensor Heat helps. Because before a fire breaks out, the temperature in the battery increases. Time enough to initiate safety measures. Provided that the temperature rise is noticed quickly.

Battery fires usually announce themselves: The temperature rises. From approx. 70 °C, a reaction occurs which is difficult to stop. Smoke is produced, the battery burns and the cells threaten to explode.

If the temperature rises above the critical value, there is usually still enough time for securing measures – so that neither people nor the environment are harmed. Therefore: Monitor temperature with the VLITEX Sensor Heat.

What the VLITEX Sensor Heat can do

  • wireless remote temperature monitoring

  • weatherproof housing – IP67

  • high range (up to 365 m)

  • temperature measuring range -40 to +125 °C

  • long battery life (up to 7 years)

  • connection via Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, USB or Serial Gateway possible

  • easy mounting (screw or glue)

  • linked to the monitoring portal within 15 minutes

Transport with safety

Towing services rely on smart sensors

Abschleppdienst mit Anhänger und verunfalltem Auto eingepackt in das VLITEX Car Service Set

“We always transport a crashed electric car with a queasy feeling. Because we know that after days the battery can still ignite – just like that. There is also a risk of fire in the average yard. Therefore, large safety distances to surrounding objects must be maintained. Sometimes not so easy to realize. It’s good that there are now solutions for that.”

Marco W., towing contractor

  • Place VLITEX Sensor Heat in the vehicle

  • Tie vehicle up in the VLITEX Car Service Set
  • Temperatures above the critical limit trigger alarm

  • Further measures can be taken, e.g. alert fire department, move vehicle to a safe distance from persons and objects

The VLITEX Sensor Heat reacts to temperature changes as they occur at the beginning of the ignition of an accumulator. The sensor thus makes a significant contribution to increasing safety during the transport and storage of an electrically powered vehicle that has been involved in an accident. Because only if the fire is discovered at an early stage can greater damage and the spread to other properties be prevented.