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That the effects of a battery fire can be devastating is well documented. For towing services, this means that e-cars involved in accidents are subject to special treatment. Together with the ADAC and the fire departments from Hochburg/Ach and the surrounding area, we have tested whether the VLITEX Car Service Set can withstand such a fire. And we can report: Yes, it does. The fire stays safely under the ceiling and only a little smoke finds its way out. The Car Service Set as a preventive measure is perfect!

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This is what the VLITEX Car Service Set Premium M can do

This is what the VLITEX Car Service Set Premium M can do

Keeps fire safely “under cover” for reignited e-vehicles

Reusable several times – even in case of fire (depending on the fire load)

Does not cause additional damage to the vehicle (paint covered by optional protective fleece)

Resource and environmentally friendly – no cooling with water or other extinguishing agents necessary

Smoke insulating – minimizes uncontrolled smoke development

Fast and intuitive handling – no need for cost-intensive special solutions

How the VLITEX Car Service Set works

The VLITEX Car Service Set for towing services

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