Fire blankets and more

VLITEX products

VLITEX products

Discover the products for protection against fire: VLITEX fire blankets are available in different versions. The same principle applies to all of them: immediately after the VLITEX fire blanket is laid over, the fire is smothered. In the case of lithium-ion battery fires, the battery burns down in a controlled manner under the fire blanket without endangering nearby objects and with significantly reduced ambient temperature and smoke development.

We have developed the VLITEX Car Fire Extinguishing Blanket Premium M for use with lithium-ion fires. The fabric made of special glass fibers withstands the high temperatures of battery fires. It is used in case of lithium-ion battery fires as a barrier blanket, but also preventively. If the battery ignites, flames and heat remain under the cover, the battery can burn down in a controlled manner. The blanket is reusable. We offer different sizes, some with additional longer handles.

So that towing services are not forced to take time-consuming immersion baths in water-filled containers, we have developed our blanket set. As a preventive measure, an e-car involved in an accident is packed and lashed into the silicone-coated fiberglass blankets. If the battery ignites, the surrounding area remains protected and the fire cannot spread.

Independent institutes confirm the heat resistance – even with particularly hot battery fires.

The set of fire blankets can be used several times. If the fire mission occurred, then it must be checked and weighed whether further missions are possible.

A battery fire can have devastating consequences. The VLITEX e-bike battery bag is tested with batteries up to 400 Wh and prevents damage in case of fire. Simply charge the battery in the bag, store or even transport. Should the battery fire occur, then the fire cannot spread and the surrounding area is protected. Quite simple, actually…

The main advantages of VLITEX products

The main advantages of VLITEX products

Efficiently prevent the spread of fire

Conserve resources

Strongly curb the development of smoke

Environmentally friendly application

Maintenance-free and intuitive to use

High tensile strength

Fire blankets for (e-)vehicles and industry

Every day fire departments extinguish fires from vehicles or industrial machinery. Mo st often, they use foam, powder or water for this purpose. At the same time, it is virtually impossible to prevent toxic substances from entering the air or groundwater.

VLITEX takes a new approach. The fire blankets shield the fire. They immediately reduce smoke development and hold back flames and heat. Toxic vapors remain under the blanket. Conventional fires are quickly smothered by cutting off the oxygen supply. Battery fires that do not require supplemental oxygen are isolated and can burn in a controlled manner.

Protection from damage caused by battery fires in the home

Many people are not aware that rechargeable batteries pose a danger. And yet, every day you read about fires caused by the widespread energy storage devices.

Here a cell phone explodes, there an e-bike battery sets an entire house on fire. VLITEX battery bags and fire blankets increase safety just in case. Let’s get this straight – no one should be afraid of a rare occurrence. And yet it makes sense to take precautions – like an insurance policy, so to speak.


The practical carrying bag to transport the fire blanket to the place of use or the wall-mounted bag so that the small fire blanket is always ready.

Because our products are only useful if they are ready quickly. Whether preventively or – even more so – in dangerous situations. Here you will find what you are looking for!