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VLITEX silicone-coated fiberglass ceilings are an environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternative in preventive fire protection and fire fighting. Experiencing them in practice is always impressive. During the fire extinguishing test in Sweden, the firefighters were able to see for themselves.

Fire blanket passes the practical test

Those who are to deviate from proven methods often need to be convinced. In the process, new technologies often necessitate new approaches. This is also the case when extinguishing fires in motor vehicles. Where firefighters used to use water and foam, alternatives are now in demand as electric cars become more widespread. Because, as is well known, rechargeable batteries can not be deleted. In case of doubt, they are a potential danger for days because they can ignite again and again. Oodles of cooling water or even a container? Elaborate.

VLITEX fire blankets are already part of the equipment of many fire departments. Schwender GmbH never tires of touring Germany and giving the comrades the opportunity to conduct a firefighting test. This was also the case recently in Sweden.

Intuitive handling

Not much to explain: unfold the blanket, lift it over the vehicle by long handles and lay it down evenly aligned. Some thoughtful gimmicks, such as centered markings on all sides, help with this. As unspectacular the application, as spectacular the effect: Immediately after lowering the ceiling, the smoke development is reduced and the heat remains virtually under the ceiling. Anything that burns conventionally is extinguished within a short time without the necessary oxygen supply. The battery burns down in a controlled manner.

“We are convinced of the future viability of our product,” says managing director Friedhelm Schwender. “Every fire contaminates extinguishing water, which usually seeps into the ground untreated – a battery fire in particular. But conventional vehicle fires with their vast quantities of different plastics are also real pollutant havens. The fact that we can do without water when extinguishing fires is well received by fire departments. After all, environmental thinking has long since arrived in fire protection as well.” What is not needed cannot be contaminated – that makes sense.

The extinguishing attempt is successful. As a precaution, the blanket remains on the vehicle for a while and could thus also secure the removal. And depending on the fire load, it can be used multiple times.

Many possible applications are conceivable

Fire Chief Olsson immediately thinks of other possible uses. “Whenever it’s complicated to get enough extinguishing agent to a hard-to-reach place, the fire blanket could help us – whether it’s a dumpster fire or a burning barricade at a protest.” In addition, a rapid response team is much more quickly ready with a fire blanket – especially if the blanket is already waiting on site, as in some parking garages.

The fire extinguishing test in Sweden has shown that there are ways to fight fires in an environmentally friendly way. And the fire departments can also counter the increasing challenge of e-cars.

So it sounds like a real success story.

VLITEX is a brand of Schwender GmbH. The Bayreuth-based company has been dedicated to the application possibilities of technical textiles made of glass fiber for many years. The VLITEX extinguishing blankets have been tested and optimized for their suitability in numerous practical tests with renowned institutes.

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