VLITEX Safety trolley L

The VLITEX protective trolley offers a safe and practical solution for storage and easy handling of VLITEX fire blankets. With airtight closure, durable material and convenient carrying options, this trolley is ideal for fire departments, firefighters, industry and more.


Black case with wheels and airtight closure for the VLITEX fire blanket.
VLITEX Safety trolley L

Robust construction

The VLITEX security trolley is made of high quality PP material, as it is used by the military. It is lightweight yet extremely durable.

Safely packed – quickly transported

Material that is also used by the military; tight closures that allow airtight sealing; sturdy casters that even uneven ground cannot harm – so the storage case is the ideal way to store and transport the VLITEX fire blanket.

VLITEX protective trolley

Versatile application areas and optimal complement

The VLITEX safety trolley is an ideal solution for fire departments, firefighters, industry and other areas where fire blankets are used. It not only provides a safe storage option, but also protects the surrounding area from fire odors and gases when a used blanket is stored. The trolley is the optimal complement for storage or transport of VLITEX fire blankets.

Size and weight: small – 73 x 47 x 35 cm (empty: 9.8 kg)

Airtight closure with solid clamps to protect the fire blankets from dust, dirt and moisture.

Four handles allow easy carrying of the trolley, while an extendable handle facilitates comfortable rolling.

Wheels ensure effortless mobility of the trolley, even when fully loaded.

The trolley meets IP67, RohS and REACH certificates, which confirms its quality and environmental compatibility.


Why is the new version of the SprayJet better?2024-02-15T09:55:00+01:00

A fireproof intermediate piece now ensures that there is sufficient distance between the source of the fire and the heat-sensitive hose: a pipe is attached to the SprayJet first, only then is the hose attached.

To ensure that the pipe is always at hand, it is clamped into suitable holders on the SprayJet.

Why is it sometimes claimed that a silica fire blanket can only be used once?2024-02-15T09:50:25+01:00

The silica fiber reacts on contact with heat and contracts strongly. If the blanket is spared larger holes or cuts, it can be used several times.

What is the difference between fire blankets made of silica and fire protection blankets made of special glass fiber fabric?2024-02-15T09:46:37+01:00

Both silica and silicone-coated fiberglass are effective materials for fire-rated blankets, but there are some differences:

Material and properties

  • Silicone-coated glass fiber fabric: Glass fiber fabric is a material consisting of extremely fine glass fibers. It is known for its resistance to high temperatures, its excellent tensile strength and its good insulating properties. The silicone coating improves the fire-retardant properties of the fabric, ensures an increased smothering effect and thermal insulation of the fire. It also contributes to increased resistance to weathering, UV radiation and chemical influences.
  • Silica (silicon dioxide): Silica fiber fabric has a high proportion of pure silicon dioxide. It has an even higher temperature resistance than glass fiber fabric and retains its strength and flexibility even at extremely high temperatures. It is also chemically inert, which means that it does not react with most chemicals.

Temperature resistance

  • The temperature resistance of silicone-coated glass fiber fabric depends on the type of glass fiber. The Premium M from VLITEX can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000 °C, and even 1,300 °C for short periods.
  • Silica fiber fabric withstands temperatures of up to 1,500 °C.


  • Silica blankets are usually more expensive than blankets made of silicone-coated glass fiber fabric due to the higher cost of the pure silica fibers.
  • While blankets made of special glass fiber fabric can be used several times depending on the fire load, the silica blanket is a purely disposable product because its fibers shrink when exposed to heat.
How are the fire blankets protected in the trolley?2023-06-16T15:17:56+02:00

The trolley offers an airtight closure with solid clamps to protect the blankets from dust, dirt and moisture.

A used fire blanket – even after thorough cleaning – will emit fire odor. Packed airtight, the smell of burning remains in the case and does not spread to the surrounding area.

For which areas is the trolley suitable?2023-06-16T15:18:24+02:00

The trolley is ideal for fire departments, firefighters, industry and similar applications.

What materials are used for the trolley?2023-06-16T15:19:17+02:00

The trolley is made of sturdy PP material, which is lightweight and durable. This material is also used in military applications! It is resistant to alcohols, organic acids, esters and ketones.

In which sizes is the protective trolley available?2023-06-16T15:21:13+02:00

The trolley is available in two sizes: small (73 x 47 x 35 cm) and large (81 x 54 x 40 cm).

Which certificates does the VLITEX protective trolley comply with?2023-06-16T15:25:11+02:00

The trolley complies with IP67, RohS and REACH certificates.

By meeting these certificates, VLITEX safety trolley shows its quality, protection and environmentally friendly production to meet customers’ requirements.

The trolley is certified according to REACH. What does it mean?2023-06-16T15:29:15+02:00

REACH stands for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals” and refers to a European Union regulation for the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals. The REACH certificate confirms that the VLITEX safety trolley complies with the regulations and requirements regarding the use of chemicals and substances. This shows that the trolley was manufactured in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

The VLITEX protective trolley has the RohS certificate. What does it stand for?2023-06-16T15:31:07+02:00

The RohS certificate stands for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” and refers to the restriction of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment. Although the VLITEX protective trolley is not an electronic device, it still complies with the RohS certificate to ensure that no harmful substances were used in its manufacture. This ensures the safety of the trolley and its surroundings.

The safety trolley is certified according to IP67. What does it mean?2023-06-16T15:48:45+02:00

The IP67 certificate stands for “Ingress Protection” and denotes the trolley’s degree of protection against the ingress of dust and water. The first digit “6” stands for the maximum protection against dust, which makes the trolley dustproof. The second digit “7” stands for protection against temporary immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter. With this certificate you can be sure that the trolley is robust enough to keep out dust and water and thus protect the contents.

Does the FIREdown SprayJet HV help prevent water damage?2023-06-16T15:56:36+02:00

Because it uses a minimal amount of water, potential water damage is minimal. The SprayJet HV makes use of the adiabatic cooling effect, trapping heat and working effectively without using much water.

How does the FIREdown SprayJet HV work in the event of a fire?2023-06-16T15:56:00+02:00

The FIREdown SprayJet HV cools the source of the fire and smothers the flames by effectively displacing oxygen. It also acts as flame-over protection and to contain the spread of fire.

What is the FIREdown SprayJet HV particularly suitable for?2023-02-20T21:40:28+01:00

The SprayJet HV is particularly suitable for fighting concealed fires and cooling components such as gearboxes, brake systems or lithium-ion batteries.

What is the water requirement of the FIREdown SprayJet HV?2023-06-16T14:44:17+02:00

The FIREdown SprayJet is available in two variants. There are nozzles for slightly higher (variant B) and nozzles for particularly low (variant A) Water consumption.

water consumption firedown sprayjet
With the SprayJet, there is talk of the adiabatic cooling effect. What does that mean exactly?2023-06-16T15:55:08+02:00

The adiabatic cooling effect is a natural phenomenon caused by the cooling of humid air due to an increase in humidity. This effect occurs when moist air is cooled quickly, for example by a spray.

Cooling is adiabatic, which means that no external energy source is required. The reason for this is that moisture is present in the air in the form of water vapor. When the air cools rapidly, the water vapor loses energy and this energy is used to lower the air temperature.

By using spray mist devices that spray fine water mist into the air, the adiabatic cooling effect can be used to lower the air temperature indoors, factory floors and even outdoors. These devices increase the humidity of the air, thereby lowering the air temperature.

One advantage of adiabatic cooling is cost efficiency, since no external energy source is required.

Which batteries fit in the bag?2022-05-06T21:22:03+02:00

We offer the bag in two sizes.

The size L is suitable for batteries up to the size of 43 x 12 x 11 cm.

The XL size is suitable for batteries up to the size of 53 x 12 x 11 cm.

Most batteries are not that big. Therefore, it is quite possible to also store the charging cable in the bag when it is not in use.

Has the bag been tested in practical tests?2022-05-06T21:22:03+02:00

Already in the development phase, we had the bag tested by a battery manufacturer and fire departments. In addition, we always have fire departments conduct practical tests. This is the only way to experience the force of a battery fire and that the bag can actually withstand it.

In the video you can see well how the VLITEX battery bag compares to the competition.

What material is the bag made of?2022-05-06T21:22:43+02:00

The bag is made of two layers of silicone-coated fiberglass fabric. Between them is a thick mat of fiberglass. This ensures that the battery is well protected against damage in case of a fall. And the three layers can also withstand the force of a battery fire.

Why is it good that the battery pouch does not seal completely airtight?2022-05-06T21:22:01+02:00

If a battery fire occurs, smoke and toxic gases are formed. In tests, we have seen that competitive products then inflate and eventually explode. The gases can escape from the VLITEX battery bag and the environment remains protected from the fire.

For whom are the extinguishing hoods suitable?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

For industrial enterprises whenever lithium-ion batteries are used; for the storage of flammable hazardous materials, as well as many other application examples.

In what sizes are the blotter sleeves available?2022-05-10T18:55:29+02:00

We offer some standard dimensions for pallets or skeleton boxes. Besides, we manufacture according to your requirements. Just ask!

When are the extinguishing sleeves used? Acute or preventive?2022-05-10T18:55:29+02:00

We recommend the preventive use of the sleeves. It can be used to cover dangerous goods on pallets or in mesh boxes. Should a fire occur, the surrounding area is protected from flames and heat and the fire cannot spread.

How long does it take to tie up the top and bottom covers of the Car Service Set?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

It took us about 10 minutes to tie up the Car Service Set. On one ceiling are eyelets, and on the other – long ribbons. The procedure is intuitive.

Has the Car Service Set been tested?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

We report in the blog about how we tested the VLITEX Car Service Set together with fire departments and ADAC.

Can a wrapped vehicle be adequately secured to the tow truck?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

Yes. It is possible to attach front and rear wheels to the tow truck as usual. The underblanket then wrinkles, but this does not limit its function.

How to connect the upper and lower blanket?2024-02-15T09:01:35+01:00

The upper blanket is equipped with long bands and on the lower blanket there are metal fasteners. This makes it easy to tie the two parts together. And it is also easy to open without damaging the blankets.

When should the Car Service Set be used?2022-05-10T18:55:29+02:00

If a hybrid or all-electric vehicle is involved in an accident, it must be given special treatment during towing or transport. This is because the battery poses a fire hazard for many hours after the accident. You may not be able to tell if a battery is damaged and a dangerous chemical reaction has started inside it.

So the crashed vehicle is wrapped in the Car Service Set and in case of fire, the fiberglass blankets keep flames and heat under control.

Do blanket fabric or silicone coating carry a risk to the environment?2022-09-08T16:51:52+02:00

No, our special fiberglass fabric is not classified as an environmentally harmful or even hazardous material. And the silicone coating does not release dangerous toxins into the environment. The silicone also does not contain perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds known as PFAS.

Does the blanket need to be serviced or does it have an expiration date?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

No, a new ceiling is weatherproof, maintenance-free and without expiration date.

In principle, this also applies to used blankets. Here, please note that the ceiling is contaminated with toxic fire residues. So store in such a way that this does not cause any adverse effects.

How often can the blanket be used?2024-02-15T09:16:32+01:00

It depends on the fire load: How long was the blanket exposed to how high temperatures? Has it possibly been mechanically damaged, i.e. has cracks or holes?

We have observed that sometimes the silicone coating reacts and white spots are seen. A perfectly normal reaction where the silicone coating burns into the fiberglass. The function of the ceiling is not affected!

Cracks and holes up to the size of a handball do not negatively affect the effectiveness of the blanket.

Does the fire blanket stop liquids?2022-05-10T18:55:36+02:00

In principle, yes. In one experiment, the blanket was filled with water and it was observed that the water held. Even acids or alkalis cannot harm it.

How is a fire blanket disposed of when it can no longer be used?2022-05-10T18:55:36+02:00

The fire blanket itself does not contain any substances that require special disposal. It should simply be put in the household waste. After the fire, however, toxic residues adhere to it, making it necessary to dispose of it properly – together with the remaining fire debris.

How to clean the fire blanket after use?2022-05-10T18:55:35+02:00

The fire blanket can be cleaned in the same way as firefighting clothing. Alternatively, dirt and fire residue can be removed with water and a broom at an approved wash station.

Important: Fire residues contain toxins. Please exercise due care and always put the protection of health first. So, it may be appropriate to dispose of a blanket after a fire incident.

Can the fire blanket extinguish a battery fire?2022-06-30T21:11:05+02:00

No, because a battery fire cannot be extinguished by oxygen deprivation. Here, the ceiling acts as a shield against surrounding objects or even building fabric. This is because flames and heat remain under the ceiling and smoke development is greatly reduced. In addition, flying parts can be stopped.

The Premium M fire blanket is certified – what does that mean exactly?2022-05-10T18:55:33+02:00

An independent, international testing institute confirms that the material can withstand temperatures of over 1,000 °C. Write to us if you need more detailed information about this.

Can the ceiling withstand sharp edges?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

The ceiling is highly resistant to tearing. The maximum tensile strength of the fabric is 2,200 N / 5 cm. Theoretically, an ordinary car could be suspended from a 1 x 1 m piece of fabric without it tearing.

However, we have already inspected damage to fire blankets caused by improper application or removal. Therefore, we recommend to practice overlaying the ceiling. Because with the right momentum, the fire blanket glides over the fire object almost as if on a cushion of air and then sinks. Likewise, the removal should be rehearsed, where ideally the ceiling is first folded over.

How long does it take to remove the fire blanket?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

That depends on the intended use:

A conventional fire suffocates under the ceiling after a few minutes. For safety, the blanket should be left over the object for 20 – 30 minutes. It makes sense to use a thermal imaging camera to ensure that the temperature under the ceiling has dropped below 200°C. Cooling can be accelerated by water.

If an electric car is on fire, the fire blanket can only ensure that the fire does not spread, heat and flames remain under the blanket and smoke development is reduced. You do not extinguish a battery by interrupting the oxygen supply! Here it is essential to make sure that the temperature has dropped. Caution: Battery cells can react and rekindle the fire even after many hours.

If an accident e-car is to be towed, then the fire blanket can secure the transport and storage. If the battery starts to burn, the environment is protected. Our Car Service Set Premium M is best suited for this application. In this set, the e-car can also simply remain safely packed for several days.

How many people are needed to place the fire blanket over a burning object?2022-05-10T18:55:29+02:00

The fire blanket in standard format 6 x 8 m weighs approx. 27 kg. In the VLITEX carrying bag, it can therefore be carried to the site by one person. There, two people are required to spread the blanket and pull it over the burning object. If there is little room to start, then it is helpful if one or two other people hold the end of the blanket, making it easier to spread out a short distance.

What temperatures can the blanket withstand?2024-02-15T09:40:17+01:00

The VLITEX Fire Blanket Premium S withstands 600 °C over a longer period of time and 1,000 °C in peaks.

We have developed the VLITEX Fire Blanket Premium M especially for battery fires. These become particularly hot and can even exceed 1,000 °C for a short time. In numerous tests, we found that the blanket can withstand these temperatures well. 1,000 °C over longer phases and even 1,300 °C in peaks were no problem.

And the fire blanket is even certified as the only one on the market: The independent institute KIWA confirms the suitability of the VLITEX extinguishing blanket Premium M for battery fires.

What material is the fire blanket made of?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

The fire blanket is made of silicone-coated fiberglass fabric.

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