VLITEX Fire Blanket Premium S

Whether due to damage, thermal influences or technical faults – rechargeable batteries can catch fire. Today, they are installed in numerous battery-powered devices and machines or drive vehicles. Battery fires are difficult to extinguish because the chemical reaction inside – once set in motion – is almost impossible to stop.

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VLITEX Löschdecke Premium Industrie
Fire blanket for industry

Efficient fire protection for industry and commerce

Fires involving lithium-ion batteries and accumulators are a serious hazard in many areas of industry and commerce. VLITEX fire blankets are THE insurance against major damage caused by fire and smoke.

We process the VLITEX special glass fiber fabric with silicone coating into blankets and covers of various sizes and shapes. For forklifts, pallets, mesh pallets and countless other applications.

VLITEX fire blanket in industry

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