VLITEX (E-)Car Fire Blanket Premium M

We have developed the VLITEX Car Fire Extinguishing Blanket Premium M for use with lithium-ion fires. The fabric made of special glass fibers withstands the high temperatures of battery fires. It is used in case of lithium-ion battery fires as a barrier blanket, but also preventively. If the battery ignites, flames and heat remain under the cover, the battery can burn down in a controlled manner. The blanket is reusable. We offer different sizes, some with additional longer handles.

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VLITEX Premium M fire blanket battery fire
VLITEX (E-)Car Fire Blanket Premium M

Bringing e-vehicle fires quickly under control

The Premium M fire blanket is our fire containment blanket designed specifically for battery fires. Preventively, it is placed over an accidental e-vehicle to protect the surrounding area in case of fire. Used as a fire blanket, it reliably and quickly smothers conventional fires. It keeps an e-fire under cover, minimizing damage to the surrounding area. Conventional extinguishing agents are not necessary and therefore do not enter the environment.

The special glass fiber fabric with the particularly dense silicone coating can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C over long periods, and even 1,300°C at peak temperatures. A battery fire, which requires no oxygen and therefore cannot be smothered, burns in a controlled manner under the blanket. The Premium M fire blanket is suitable for anyone who regularly deals with fires. Depending on the fire load, it can be used several times

Fight fire. Fast and intuitive.


Fast and intuitive handling

Environmentally friendly

Extremely temperature resistant

Smoke control

Reusable several times


No contamination of the environment with water or other extinguishing agents

The VLITEX car fire blanket in use


Vlitex Brandbregrenzungsdecke im Test bei ACTS

Test: Control battery fire with fire blanket

ACTS, the competence center in the Magna Steyr Group, has tested the VLITEX Premium M fire blanket. Read how the attempt to keep a battery fire at bay was successful.

Additional information


Base material: 560 g/m2 special glass fiber fabric with silicone coating on both sides – acid and chemical resistant
Connection: fire-repellent sewing thread
Fastening strap & handle: 560 g/m2 special fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides, pull handles with red silicone coating.

Temperature resistance

Up to 1,000°C (short-term up to over 1,300°C)


Multiple – depending on the fire load


No maintenance required, material is weatherproof and will not corrode

Sizes & Weight

M 6 x 8 m – ML 6 x 8 m, approx. 27 kg
M 7 x 8 m – ML 7 x 8 m, approx. 31 kg
M 8 x 10 m, approx. 43 kg

Other sizes on request. ML version with additional longer pull handles.


Designed for battery fires.

Of course, also suitable for conventional fires.

Recommended for fire departments or organizations that regularly fight fires.

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