The bag for the VLITEX fire blanket is attached to the wall. Thanks to ingenious closure system, the blanket can be removed from the bag in no time. Because every second counts in the event of a fire.

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Quick removal of extinguishing blankets

So that the fire blanket is ready everywhere, where it can become ‘hot’, we offer the bag with fastening possibility at the wall.

If a fire needs to be extinguished, the fire blanket is removed in a flash. For this we have provided the bag with a smart opening mechanism. This saves valuable seconds

This is what distinguishes the VLITEX bag:

The fire blanket has its place in the pocket. Thanks to the practical wall mount, it is always ready. The smart closure allows the small fire blanket to be removed in a flash in the event of a fire. Because every second counts in an emergency...

Always ready due to mounting on the wall

Quick removal of the ceiling due to smart closure

Compact size - 38 x 36 x 7 cm

For fire blankets up to a size of 3.0 x 4 m

Fight fire. Fast and intuitive.


Fast and intuitive handling

Environmentally friendly

Extremely temperature resistant

Smoke control

Reusable several times


No contamination of the environment with water or other extinguishing agents

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Sizes & Weight

38 x 36 x 7 cm


For fire blankets up to a size of 3.60 x 3.20 m

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