VLITEX E-bike battery bag

A battery fire can have devastating consequences. The VLITEX e-bike battery bag is tested with batteries up to 400 Wh and prevents damage in case of fire. Simply charge the battery in the bag, store or even transport. Should the battery fire occur, then the fire cannot spread and the surrounding area is protected. Quite simple, actually…


VLITEX E-bike battery bag
VLITEX E-bike battery bag

Store batteries safely – and protect the environment in case of fire

Finally relaxed store the battery? We have the solution!

The VLITEX battery bag protects the environment in case of fire.

  • two layers of silicone coated fiberglass fabric
  • between them a thick pad of glass wool
  • can be closed almost airtight with circumferential Velcro fasteners
  • Glass fibre fabric heat-resistant short-term up to 1,000 °C
  • Protective effect proven in fire brigade tests (tested with Li-ion batteries up to 400 Wh)
  • big enough for almost any battery

E-bike battery bag in live test

Outline data of the test: Battery capacity 400 Wh, 95 % charged, chemistry NCA

E-bike battery bag FAQs

E-bike battery bag FAQs

Which batteries fit in the bag?2022-05-06T21:22:03+02:00

We offer the bag in two sizes.

The size L is suitable for batteries up to the size of 43 x 12 x 11 cm.

The XL size is suitable for batteries up to the size of 53 x 12 x 11 cm.

Most batteries are not that big. Therefore, it is quite possible to also store the charging cable in the bag when it is not in use.

Has the bag been tested in practical tests?2022-05-06T21:22:03+02:00

Already in the development phase, we had the bag tested by a battery manufacturer and fire departments. In addition, we always have fire departments conduct practical tests. This is the only way to experience the force of a battery fire and that the bag can actually withstand it.

In the video you can see well how the VLITEX battery bag compares to the competition.

What material is the bag made of?2022-05-06T21:22:43+02:00

The bag is made of two layers of silicone-coated fiberglass fabric. Between them is a thick mat of fiberglass. This ensures that the battery is well protected against damage in case of a fall. And the three layers can also withstand the force of a battery fire.

Why is it good that the battery pouch does not seal completely airtight?2022-05-06T21:22:01+02:00

If a battery fire occurs, smoke and toxic gases are formed. In tests, we have seen that competitive products then inflate and eventually explode. The gases can escape from the VLITEX battery bag and the environment remains protected from the fire.

VLITEX battery bag in comparison

Tips for charging your e-bike battery safely

Vlitex E-Bike Akku-Tasche Ladevorgang mit Zeitschaltuhr begrenzen

How to avoid dangerous overcharging of the battery pack

If a battery continues to be charged when it is already full, it can overheat. And because high temperatures trigger chemical reactions in the battery cells, there is a risk that the battery will self-ignite.

Therefore, use a timer and thus limit the charging process!

VLITEX E-Bike Akku-Tasche Rauchmelder

So you can react quickly in case of fire

If a battery ignites, smoke is produced first. Now there would still be time to get the bag out of the apartment before the fumes spread. But how do you know as quickly as possible that there is a fire? The solution is very simple:

We advise placing a standard smoke detector in the pocket. Alerted early by the signal, there is still enough time to carry the battery in the bag into the open air.

But please be very careful – quite quickly form toxic fumes. If in doubt, call the fire department and move away from the source of the fire!

Additional information


Two layers of silicone-coated fiberglass fabric with a thick layer of glass wool between them


L 44 x 13 x 12 cm
XL 54 x 13 x 12 cm

Temperature resistance

Glass fibre fabric short-term up to 1,000 °C

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