VLITEX Mitglied in Verband Parken, VBA und DIvB

With the topics of e-mobility and environmental protection, we are moving into areas that are developing rapidly. This makes it all the more important for us to be well networked and to be able to contribute our know-how in a variety of ways. We ensure this with memberships in industry-leading associations.

We are members of these associations:

Bundesverband Parken Logo

Bundesverband Parken e.V.

The Bundesverband Parken represents the operators of over 1.2 million parking spaces in a good 4,000 parking garages, parking lots and underground garages. It is considered the most important organization in the industry. The properties are partly privately owned and partly publicly owned. In addition, numerous companies that act as service providers or suppliers for parking operators are organized via the extraordinary membership. The association regularly publishes a magazine.

Deutsches Institut fuer vorbeugenden Brandschutz Logo

DIvB – German Institute for Preventive Fire Protection e.V.

It is precisely where there are no legal requirements for fire protection measures that the DIvB gets involved. For example, work is underway on guidelines on how the countless lithium-ion batteries that accompany our everyday lives can be handled safely from a fire safety perspective. The DIvB brings together experts from various fields. It is not only in the area of e-mobility that we can contribute our expert knowledge and help make modern technology as safe as possible.

Verband Bergen Abschleppen

VBA – Association of recovery and towing companies e.V.

The VBA sees itself as the unifying element for all those involved in towing. With the IFBA, his large trade exhibition recovery and towing, he has made an international name for himself and represents the industry meeting in Europe. Whether it’s legal issues or partnership networking, the VBA offers a wide range of support. Training courses and seminars are part of the repertoire and, of course, a trade journal.

logo werkfeuerwehrverband bayern

WFV – Bavarian Factory Fire Department Association e.V.

The association advocates for the interests of factory and company fire departments. The focus is on preventive fire protection from a structural, technical and organizational point of view. Optimal solutions are developed in interdisciplinary dialog – for prevention, but also for recommissioning after an event. As a representative of the interests of factory and company fire departments, the association appears before authorities and public law organizations, but also in committees and working groups of fire departments and damage insurers.

Dealers Association – Händlerbund

The Händlerbund has made a name for itself as the representative of the interests of over 80,000 online presences. Because legal certainty or representation against warnings – experts are needed here and we are happy to provide support.