That depends on the intended use:

A conventional fire suffocates under the ceiling after a few minutes. For safety, the blanket should be left over the object for 20 – 30 minutes. It makes sense to use a thermal imaging camera to ensure that the temperature under the ceiling has dropped below 200°C. Cooling can be accelerated by water.

If an electric car is on fire, the fire blanket can only ensure that the fire does not spread, heat and flames remain under the blanket and smoke development is reduced. You do not extinguish a battery by interrupting the oxygen supply! Here it is essential to make sure that the temperature has dropped. Caution: Battery cells can react and rekindle the fire even after many hours.

If an accident e-car is to be towed, then the fire blanket can secure the transport and storage. If the battery starts to burn, the environment is protected. Our Car Service Set Premium M is best suited for this application. In this set, the e-car can also simply remain safely packed for several days.