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Automated fire protection for car parks



Fires involving electric vehicles are rare. But when a fire does occur, it is difficult to extinguish.

In enclosed car parks or buildings, special protective measures must be devised to minimise damage to the building fabric in the event of a fire and to protect the surrounding area from the enormous heat and toxic smoke.

Introducing ecell-guard – the first automated fire protection system for electric cars.

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Detect heat or smoke, trigger the alarm, activate the protection system, alert the fire brigade – all this happens automatically and without human intervention. Within seconds.

Surrounding cars, people and objects are protected and the risk to the building structure, for example in a fire in a multi-storey car park, is minimised.

ecell-guard – system of 3 components

The ecell-guard system operates in three stages. The components are certified and optimally matched to each other.

The special feature: ecell-guard is equipped with rechargeable batteries and thus works reliably even if the power fails.

Component 1

The warning system

A fire alarm system independent of the power grid manages up to thirty systems. arious sensors warn of smoke or heat with visual and acoustic signals. The ecell-guard system is triggered.

Component 2

The wall cassette

The automatism works at high speed after triggering. The wall cassette contains a fire barrier blanket. With the help of a deflection set, the blanket is automatically placed over the affected vehicle.

Component 3

The fire

Insulate fire, retain heat, minimise smoke development – this is how the fire containment blanket works. This protects people, the environment and the building fabric.

The VLITEX fire blanket withstands temperatures of up to 1,000 °C, and even 1,300 °C for short periods, making it suitable for containing fires in lithium-ion batteries.

One security system with wall cassette for each parking space, one fire alarm system for a maximum of 30 systems – ecell-guard can be used to secure parking garages, underground parking spaces, but also private garages.

ecell-guard as a CarPort solution. Security for e-car parking.

Variable side walls allow adaptation to individual needs.

Modern design meets innovative technology. Fire protection also outside closed buildings.

This is how the ecell-guard works with the VLITEX fire barrier blanket

ecell guard mit vlitex brandbegrenzungsdecke schema brandmeldeanlage

The fire alarm system

  • Low maintenance fire protection system
  • For up to 30 systems

  • With different sensors for heat and smoke

  • Warns visually and acoustically

  • Works even during power failure

ecell guard mit vlitex brandbegrenzungsdecke schema ausloesung und wandkassette

The wall cassette

  • Stainless steel box

  • Storage location of the fire blanket

  • With deflection set and automatic release mechanism

  • Multiple usable

ecell guard mit vlitex brandbegrenzungsdecke schema brandbegrenzungsdecke

The fire containment blanket

  • Made of coated fiberglass fabric

  • Sufficiently large for all vehicles (incl. SUVs)

  • Certified for battery fires

  • Heat-resistant up to 1,000 °C, in peaks even 1,300 °C

  • In use by industry and fire departments


Is the ecell-guard system suitable for private persons?2023-06-16T14:55:33+02:00

The ecell-guard can also be installed in your private garage. The minimum dimensions of the parking lot of LWH 5 x 2.5 x 2 m apply.

What are the requirements for the power supply?2023-01-24T09:13:05+01:00

The ecell-guard requires a 230 V connection. To ensure that the system works even in the event of a power failure, it is equipped with a buffer battery (16 A fuse). This is sufficient for alarming and triggering the pull-out mechanism.

How is it ensured that a parked vehicle is in the correct position?2023-01-05T14:26:48+01:00

The system includes spacers that ensure the correct positioning of the vehicle.

Can ecell-guard secure multiple parking spaces?2023-01-24T09:31:39+01:00

Each parking space requires its own wall cassette. The fire alarm system can manage up to 30 bays.

Are persons standing near the ecell-guard in danger when it is triggered?2023-01-24T09:29:17+01:00

When triggering, no persons should be in the dropping area of the blanket. Audible and visual warning signals clearly indicate impending tripping. In addition, highly visible signs should be posted asking people to leave the danger area when the alarm sounds.

What are the advantages of ecell-guard compared to conventional use of fire blankets?2023-06-16T15:09:42+02:00

The ecell-guard continuously monitors the parking space to be protected – even without the personal presence of staff. It reacts quickly in the event of a fire and places the fire blanket over the affected vehicle within a few seconds.

Without ecell-guard: Normally, two people (exclusively firefighters in case of fire) are required to lay a fire blanket. In addition, the cramped conditions in a parking garage make it difficult to act quickly.

What happens in case of a false triggering of the ecell-guard?2023-06-16T15:47:39+02:00

We have tried it – the fire blanket sinks gently on the vehicle and no damage is expected. Nevertheless, the probability of false triggering is low. However, if this does occur, we recommend that you do not pull the blanket off the vehicle on your own, as this can actually cause drag marks.

Data & Dimensions

Minimum dimensions parking lot

Height: 2.0 m
Width: 2.5 m
Length: 5.0 m

Dimensions wall cassette

Length: 2.48 m
Height: 0.49 m
Depth: 0.39 m

Weight wall cassette (incl. blanket)

approx. 146 kg


VdS certification for all components of the fire alarm system (BMA, detectors, signaling equipment, etc.)


230 V connection, 16A fuse (for buffer battery)

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