Vlitex Brandbregrenzungsdecke im Test bei ACTS

Contain battery fire with the VLITEX extinguishing blanket

Is the VLITEX Extinguishing Blanket Premium M suitable to control a battery fire? Is it suitable as a so-called fire barrier ceiling? How hot does such a fire get and can the ceiling retain the heat? All of this was tested using state-of-the-art measurement methods in the laboratory of ACTS – Advanced Car Technology Systems GmbH, the center of excellence for vehicle safety in the Magna Steyr Group.

During investigations of battery fires, temperatures of over 700 °C were found in the vicinity of the modules. In some cases, extreme developments of well over 1,000 °C occurred. Flooding the battery cells was the only way to create a controllable situation.

Now the suitability of the fire blanket for battery fires is to be investigated. Targets include:

  • Keep heat generation in the immediate vicinity of the modules below 200 °C (heat shield).
  • Avoidance of flooding due to lower temperatures that allow controlled burnout.
  • Function as a flue, that is, trap smoke and gases under the ceiling.

Summary and conclusion

The VLITEX extinguishing blanket is a very good product, which seems to be suitable especially in parking garages, e-bike loading spaces, home storage facilities, production lines and the like as the first protection for the environment.

The requirements for use as a heat shield and smoke screen in battery fires are clearly met. Small possibilities for optimization have been identified (meanwhile technically solved).

Participants and framework


  • Magna Steyr
  • Schwender GmbH
  • Würzburg Fire Brigade School
  • Local fire department Karlstein

ACTS Advancet Car Technology Systems GmbH - Sailauf


VLITEX Premium M fire blanket battery fire

VLITEX Fire Blanket Premium M

  • Material: special fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides
  • developed for battery fires
  • Temperature resistance: up to 1,000 °C, in peaks even 1,300 °C
  • Can be used several times depending on the fire load
  • Available in different sizes

Test setup

  • Five battery modules with prismatic cells of 150 Ah each with a capacity of 7 kW were installed to form a complete system.
  • The first module is heated with 650 W to generate a thermal reaction at the first cell of the module.
VLITEX Löschdecke Test

Experimental procedure and observations


  • The chain reaction begins
  • Two modules are located in the Thermal Runaway
  • Ambient temperature ~ 220 °C measured by thermal imaging camera


  • Fire blanket easy to handle
  • In the first moment strong smoke development
  • Immediate "cooling effect": ambient temperature drops, although the temperatures of the modules rise significantly
VLITEX ACTS Statistik 3


  • Smoke development over after a short time
  • Surface temperature of the fire blanket at 120 °C
  • Ambient temperature < 100 °C
  • Blanket lifts when "going through" cells

Measurement results of the battery fire secured with the VLITEX extinguishing blanket

  • The fire blanket withstood peak temperatures of up to 1,300 °C (see "1").
  • In total, the fire blanket survived 2 hours of heat exposure undamaged (see "2").
  • The ambient temperatures were ~ 120 °C.

This is how ACTS evaluates the experiment

  • The expectations placed on the fire blanket were met.
  • It is suitable as a heat shield and keeps the temperatures around the burning modules below 200 °C.
  • Flooding of the modules is not necessary because controlled burnout is possible at these low temperatures.
  • The fire blanket acts as a smoke trap, trapping smoke and gases.

There are opportunities for optimization for use beyond trial operation.

  • Defined possibility to let gas or pressure escape. (This has now been technically solved)
  • Weighted edges so that the ceiling does not lift in case of gas leakage or volume increase.

"In principle, the VLITEX extinguishing blanket is a very good product, which we see especially in parking garages, e-bike charging rooms, home storage, production lines, etc. as the first protection in case of a battery fire for the surrounding area."

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